Life Guide for America

Life Guide Instructions

The Life Guide for America Map (“LGAM”) is a teaching, learning, and discussion tool, created and developed to address the critical issue of making life choices which will lead to a better quality of life for the individual.

 Making life choices is as real as breathing – as long as one breathes, there are choices to be made, and making a choice is analogous to choosing the road one wishes to travel.

 Understanding the consequences of the choices made is key and needs to always be considered. LGAM is a visually illustrated roadmap which facilitates that understanding of choices.

 LGAM can be used in diverse settings such as homes, schools, churches, organizations, group homes, juvenile centers, jails and prisons, with diverse age groups and diverse ethnic groups.

 I would like to thank you for your support of LGA.  LGAM can be used as a tool to help change life in a very positive way, both children and adults.

 The first key to understand is that each street on the left side of the map is the negative side of life but is two-way streets.  Each street on the right side of the map is the positive side of life which is one-way streets until you get into the neighborhoods.  This is designed so if you choose to take Positive Drive it shows that it is harder and more difficult but the consequences and rewards are much greater and it leads you to a “Productive Life.”  However, if you choose to go in the other direction and continue to make wrong choices, the negative streets can become a way of life for you and can possibly lead you to the Penitentiary or an early death.  Each side of the LGAM is a way of life and the influence you have, whether negative or positive, could take generations to overcome or you can have generations of productivity.

 This LGAM was presented at the 6th Annual National African American Drug Policy Coalition Conference in Washington, D.C. 2010 and the response was so great that professionals in the criminal justice system stated that the LGAM is the “best visual aid that deals with prevention and intervention in the country.”

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